LightLink Community Airdrop Update 1

LightLink Community Airdrop Update 1

This update is the first in a series of information about what our community can expect from the Community Airdrop Program. Firstly we want to dive into a some news about the portal where users can view their progress, as well as some information on how to attain the esteemed Luminary role within our Discord server.

The Beacon

The beacon is focal point where our community members can gather to view progress on their journey throughout the LightLink Community Airdrop campaign. Here is where you can view your leaderboard position for the current phase and achievements you have made throughout.

LightLink: Next-Gen Layer 2 Scaling Unveiled
Be part of LightLink’s future by participating in the Community Airdrop Program. Eagerly await the release of our native token $LL via the Beacon. DeFi’s next big moment is here.

The Luminaries

The Luminary role is one that was originally introduced at the inception of our discord server, reserved for those members of the community that were the earliest to discover us and go out of their way to promote our name throughout their networks. Today we can share how we will be opening up this role to the many new members we have had join us on our journey and shown their dedication to exploring LightLink.

A new campaign has been revealed, which grants the Luminary role to those who have collected each of the four reward NFT's within Phase 1 of the Commumity Airdrop campaigns. If you are among those worthy, head there now to claim your role, and as for what lies in store for Luminaries in the future.. a mysterious being has been spotted at the Beacon.

Luminary induction by LightLink
Join Luminary induction campaigns created by LightLink on Galxe. Prove yourself worthy of holding the title of a Lu